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V&A Blog

July 2018

Title: Introducing Mexican jewellery designer Iris De La Torre

Article about the exclusive jewellery collection range designed for the V&A’s Frida Kahlo: Making Herself Up Exhibition.


Selvedge Magazine

July Issue No. 83 – 2018

Image of Special Edition Frida Brooch in Ivory.

Page 11.


Grazia Magazine

18 June 2018 Issue

Image of Frida Butterfly Brooch

Pages 6 – 7.


How to Spend It / Online Magazine

June 2017

Title: Kahlo fiesta comes to town

Image of Frida Butterfly Brooch


Caboodle Magazine

September Issue 06 – 2017

Floral Brooch and Necklace featured (4 Petal Daisy and Black - Eyed Flower Brooch).

Page 155.


Architects’ Journal Blog

31 May 2017

Title: Friend & Company’s V&A shop revamp embraces digital fabrication

Mention of jewellery range featured at the newly revamped V&A Shop.


Evening Standard Magazine

12 May Issue – 2017

Image of Special Edition Frida Brooch in Cream.

Page 43.


Simple Things Magazine

May Issue 59 – 2017

Image of Frida Luna pocket round mirror on the Simple Things Magazine Wishlist.

Page 8.


Caboodle Magazine

September Issue 03 - 2016

Large floral necklaces and earrings featured (Red Square Poppy Flower and Black - Eyed Girl Flower).

Pages 140 -141.


Viva Brighton Magazine

September Issue 43 - 2016

Interview about the Frida’s Golden Heart and Eyebrows Brooch.

Image of Frida’s golden heart and eyebrows brooch.

Page 63.



April Issue No. 52 - 2015.

Image of Square Poppy Necklace.

Page 52.



June Issue - 2011

Title: Windows of opportunity the students and the shops.

CSM MA students teamed up with RCA students to design a window display.

Page 79.


2009 - Kathie Murphy. A & C Black

Images of magnetic flower brooches.

Pages 18 – 19.



August Issue - 2007

Article about my work exhibited at New Designers One Year On 2007

Page 38