Mari Vinyl Sticker / Calcomanía de Vinil


This is Mari, one of the middle sisters of the 10 "Hermanas Gonzalez.”

This design is inspired by my very lovely auntie Mary and the popular Mexican paper mache doll.

I have an obsession for Mexican Papier Mache dolls (Muñecas de Cartón).
I own around 30 of them: all of different sizes, slightly different body shapes, hair, skin colour with brightly coloured outfits embellished with hand painted floral and glittery details on their bellies and with necklaces and earrings made of sparkly sequins. What is not to love about them!

I love their perfect imperfection. Their asymmetric heads, their big eyes and very black eyelashes and their tiny red lips. They are little coquettes and I feel as if they were talking back to me and giggling when I am quietly working away.
They brighten up my days hanging at the top of my wall in my very tiny studio, specially in the English winter months.
The curious thing is that I didn’t own any as a child, instead I had Barbie dolls or cuddly toys (not that I complain as I had lots of fun with those toys) but now as an adult I think I would of really liked having a few “Muñecas de Cartón” to create a cardboard world for them.

These dolls are made with the paper mache technique otherwise called “cartonería” in Mexico.
They surface of this technique becomes very hard when it dries and as a result, it is incredibly durable. Then, they are painted and decorated with acrylic paints. This technique has been used to make a number of crafts up to this day.

Although I am not completely sure when this the paper mache doll craft was born, I have done some research which says that the paper mache doll has its origins in the late colonial to early Mexican Independence period, created by poorer families to imitate more expensive porcelain dolls from Spain. I have seen other information where las “Muñecas de Cartón” where very popular in the 1920s.

Today, it is becoming more difficult to find them; however you can still find some in my city in Guadalajara, Mexico during Day of the Dead season in Parque Morelos.

Sticker made of vinyl printed in the United Kingdom.

4 cm x 11 cm.

Kindly note that the colour of this photo may vary slightly from the actual physical sticker.