jaguar warrior


Jaguar Warrior

My starting point in making the CATS collection was the symbolic and mystic connotations and beliefs that many cultures around the world and throughout history have held about cats. I believe felines are aesthetically beautiful and elegant animals and I wanted to represent them in a collection of 4 different cats with different personalities.

the Jaguar Warrior is called Ocelotl in Nahuatl (the ancient Aztec language). The warriors were members of the Aztec military. Jaguar warriors were considered to be noble commanders and they protected the State. Their military uniform was a jaguar costume because they believed the animal’s powers will be given to them during battles. The Romans also believed that if a human became half-jaguar and half-human then this person would be rid of all of their cultural restrictions and inhibitions; they would be liberated by the jaguar.

The intention when designing this brooch was not to represent war, but instead to try to portray inner strength, independence and individuality and the ability to chase and follow our beliefs and dreams. This jaguar design is depicted flying in the pursuit of his dreams.

The Jaguar Warrior brooch is made out of shimmering copper orange acrylic with striking graphic black printed pattern and nude colour face, hands and feet. The pin bar is made out of base metal and is silver plated. It comes with a gift box and a card with a graphic illustration of the jaguar.

12 cm approximately.

Kindly note that the designs from this collection have been printed on to textured acrylic; this means there may be slight variations of colour on parts of the printed surface. Nevertheless the pieces are beautiful, handmade and unique.