antonio el sol amarillo / antonio the yellow sun


This is a collection inspired by my dad who shines brightly in the sky.

This brooch is called “Antonio el Sol Amarillo” (Antonio the Yellow Sun).

Antonio happily lives in the sky and sometimes likes to wear a yellow or a golden suit. He loves music and The Beatles are his favourite band. He likes to eat “huevos de solecito” or “sunny side up” eggs. He is very chatty; he likes to give advice and he is also a wonderful friend. Antonio is married to La Luna and is also the father of the Black Eyed Girl Flower.

When designing this brooch, I took inspiration from the wonderful colours and illustrations that can be found in the arts and crafts of San Pedro Tlaquepaque, Jalisco; Mexico where my father was born.

This brooch is big, bright, fun and light, and will make you feel sunny and stylish!

Made of bright yellow acrylic with striking black graphic printed eyes and white cheeks. It comes with a base metal silver plated pin bar as well as gift box and a card with a graphic illustration of Antonio the Yellow Sun.

10 cm x 10 cm approximately.

Kindly note that this brooch has been printed on to the acrylic sheet and there may be slight variations of colour on parts of the printed surface. Nevertheless, this brooch is handmade and unique.